Where enjoyment meets accessibility.

INCIRCL assists in offering higher convenience, even when it gets a bit hectic. Help your visitors make the most of their experience by giving them an easy outlet to find everything they could need. Give them a second pair of eyes through their mobile device that allows them to discover shops and vendors through even the heaviest of crowds.





Keep your lines short.
We create a way for faster payments and smoother lines.

Increase sales and revenue.
Use proximity marketing to send out messages of relevant events so you can raise revenues for both front and back end.

Create a fun environment.
Engage customers with exciting activities that will strengthen their relationship and retention.

*smartphone with game to win loyalty points (at ballpark, venue, etc)

Offer More Than Just A Loyalty Program. Interact Directly With Your Visitors.

✓  Notify potential visitors of upcoming events

✓  Send information or deals for parking lots

✓  Alert customers of nearby deals for vendors on site

✓  Pass on options for seat upgrades

✓  Advertise new products and amenities

✓  Award loyalty points through fun activities



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