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Find exact pinpoints of target markets so you can be more efficient with your focus. 

Connect one-to-one with verified real people wherever they spend their time and money.

Pull key information from voluminous data sources.

Our proximity marketing uses beacon technology and exclusive data insight.


Become more efficient and eliminate budget waste.


At INCIRCL, we use exact-location customer engagement that helps you gain real-time shopper insight. Now, you can gain a bigger market share- one conversion at a time.


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Clarify the lines between market segments

  • Organize all customer data into clear and simple groups

  • Better illustrate your audience’s demographic

  • No more fuzzy customer segments

  • Achieve effective marketing more easily


Send  personal messages to the right audience

  • Pinpoint specific customers relevant to your business

  • Understand customer’s foot traffic and spending habits

  • Make the most of your customer engagement

  • Recognize what advertisements and offers will work best

Understand customer trends

  • Find the perfect window of opportunity more easily

  • Extend messages to a specific audience

  • Our extensive data helps you find the best time to reach out to consumers

Eliminate budget waste

  • Focus on the right messages for the right consumer

  • Stop spending money on consumers outside your reach

  • Direct your efforts to those with a higher chance of conversion

  • Use your marketing tactics more efficiently

  • Waste less of your resources



Make your customers feel special.

Show your customers you care. INCIRCL assists you in taking advantage of personal messages, fast responses, and direct offers. Now, you can fully understand what your customers want. 

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