Get the Most out of Transactions

Our unique, closed-loop merchant processing system runs on our own rails, eliminating traditional interchange fees.

Streamline Mobile Experience

Transform your merchant processing system into a faster, easier method of payment.

Helpful and Timely

We make your merchant processing more efficient by gathering all information and data via a mobile device.

Our Process is Simple

Completely customizable and  easy to integrate with any existing platform.


Use our Platform to your benefit

 Closed-loop payment system

 Immediate remittance for payments

 Transactions can be done in over 80 countries

 Wide variety of customizable API-enabled solutions

 Add features that are relevant to your business needs

 Transform your mobile platform to best suit your brand



We cut out the middle man


Our unique process not only eliminates traditional interchange fees, it also erases your risk of being dropped by card networks. Acting as the bank, our goal is to help you earn more revenue per transaction, regardless of purchase size or risk of chargebacks. 


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Easy to sign up and manage from any device.





Peer-to-peer transfers


Contactless payments




Charity Fund sharing

Payroll and HR








Intelligent Data Analytics

Post-purchase organization



    Payments, Transfers & Processing


  • Mold our mobile platform to identify with your brand

  • Maintain a streamlined online shopping experience

  • Power your checkout page with INCIRCL Platform

  • Add and eliminate any API-enabled solutions anytime
  • Easily send money to your friends, family, and colleagues

  • Send and receive transfers in real time

  • Contactless payment with POS system or mobile pay

  • Easy-to-use payment platform for online stores

  • Utilize autopay, bill pay, and our prepaid card program

    Human Resources

  • Manage your employees wages, paychecks and tax information

  • Organize employee information and contacts

  • Communicate directly via mobile device

  • Send out direct deposits with instant remittance

  • Provide reloadable MasterCards for bonuses and payments

  • Easily transfer money between business affiliates and partners

    Analytics & Storage

  • Automatically store customer information for future reference

  • Access payment histories from any device

  • Send instant virtual receipts and manage returns

  • Allow customers to store and use mobile coupons

  • Organize insightful data to understand demographics and trends

  • Send out personalized messages


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