Manage your whole business through one seamless network.

Imagine being able to integrate customer interaction, employee payroll, and marketing all on one easy platform. INCIRCL helps your business build a seamless process so you can focus more on higher value for your customers.

It is more than creating a single end-to-end process. We go beyond to encompass your entire business strategy in one. INCIRCL offers a wide range of processing and engagement solutions that are necessary for all aspects of your business.





Easy log in.
Employees and customers can use our mobile platform at the touch of their fingertips on any mobile device.

Customize your account.
Pick and choose features that best work with your business. Mask your platform to look identical to your brand.

Partnerships made simple.
Whether sending within the country or internationally, transfers between business affiliates are quick and easier than ever. 


Stay on top of social media.
Our integrations with social media sites allow you to interact directly with your consumers.

Organize post-purchase information
Automatically store consumer purchase information and virtual receipts that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Manage your loyalty program
Organize all customer data in one single platform so you can understand your loyal audience.



Virtual Records & Messages

Send personal messages instantly to any device.

Both the merchant and customer can manage their history of any interaction at the touch of their hands- receipts, confirmation messages, and order details are naturally stored. No more rummaging old files and garbage cans for that lost receipt.


   Social Media

  • Buy and Sell online

  • Manage consistent posts to maintain brand awareness

  • Have speedy customer responsiveness

  • Interact with customers directly

  • Stay up-to-date on new trends

Customer Integrity

Having all your customer information together in one platform is a helpful advantage towards creating an effective loyalty program.

INCIRCL is here to assist you in direct marketing so you can maintain a strong customer relationship.


Safe & Secure

Not only is our process and data storage safe with our tokenized and triple encryption process, we also offer a sophisticated multi-modal biometric authentication system.

Unlike traditional passwords, our security system utilizes something that cannot be stolen. With fingerprints, voice verification, and facial feature scans, your security is our top priority.

Learn more about biometric authentication >


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