Our Fintech solutions help you become more effective by working hand-in-hand with your entire business.

We gather important information using a variety of signals and wireless technology.

INCIRCL helps you truly get to know your current and future audience.

Pick and choose which features that best meet your business needs.



We go Beyond just payments and processing


We utilize our engagement solutions to its fullest so you can take proper advantage of your customer data. By understanding your consumers and nearby visitors, we can assist you in strengthening your customer responsiveness.



Our variety of beacon technology allows us to gather important information using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi signals.

Payments, coupons, messages, marketing material and much more can all be transferred under one platform.


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✓  Quick and easy contactless payments through mobile platform

✓  Manage various accounts and departments all in one

✓  Send direct marketing messages instantly

✓  Automatically track detail rich data

✓  Follow foot traffic and purchase habits of customers

✓  Maintain high personal security while gathering data



    You Become the Bank

  • Customizable merchant processing platform

  • Mobile wallet and payment solutions

  • Eliminate traditional interchange fees and risk of being dropped

  • Contactless payment using beacon technology

  • Load money at the touch of your fingertips

  • Peer-to-peer transfers as simple as a text message

  • Manage entire employee payroll via mobile device

    Beacon Technology

  • Contactless mobile payment

  • Retrieves customer data through on and offline signals

  • Utilize exact location and radius-based marketing

  • Increase direct marketing tactics via instant personal messages

  • Notify customers of updates, nearby deals, and upcoming events

  • Automatically categorize demographic information

    Post-Ordering & Storage

    Social Media & Marketing

  • Integrate social media into your mobile platform

  • Regulate cyclical posts and updates

  • Maintain constant brand awareness and exposure

  • Strengthen customer relationship through direct communication

  • Gain advantage with speedy customer responsiveness
  • Send virtual receipts and payment history

  • Re-send order information

  • Automatic calculated tips, fees, and tax

  • Easily manage returns and exchanges

  • Hold coupons, store credit, gift cards, and time sensitive offers

Quick and easy contactless payments through our mobile platform.

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Automatically track and organize detail rich customer data.

Understand purchasing habits and preferences.

Follow foot traffic of customers.

Send instant deals and offers directly to a mobile device.

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Maintain high personal security while gathering insightful information.