Understand your audience for a more effective marketing strategy.

Our proximity marketing tools and beacon technology allows you to have instant and constant interaction with your audience. We help you truly grasp your existing and potential customer habits so you know what direction to go with your advertising and promotions. 


Send out personalized messages and offers

Create and organize concrete market segments

Better utilize resources to reduce budget waste

Automatically categorize your demographics



Integrating proximity marketing is simple & effective.

Customize your marketing tactics to match your business needs.





TruTargeting: Exact Location Digital Marketing

Pinpoint the right prospects and present them with relevant and effective ads. Make every touchpoint count with more effective ad placements.


Radius-Based Marketing

Target a specific radius of people and deliver a unique message to consumers in the relative area.

Why waste money attempting to advertise beyond your reach when you can focus more on those close by who have a higher chance of conversion.


Keyword Audience Targeting

Identify web users who show an interest in topics related to your business by utilizing their key search words.

Build a promising audience who is already on the pursuit of what your business can offer.


New Mover Targeting

New movers spend a total of $15K within the first few months of a move, creating a very small window of opportunity.

Our proximity marketing solutions can help you strengthen your engagement in real-time to achieve a higher chance of conversion.


College Audience Targeting

Target specific and influential markets, such as the college student demographic. 

Our proximity marketing can help define these segments, making it easier for you to connect with them. 


Students between the age of 18-34 alone spend over $163 billion a year on discretionary purchases, making them a significant market to focus on.


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