Why interrupt the fun?

INCIRCL creates an experience for customers that is simple yet unique. Our mobile and engagement solutions work in sync with your resort so there are never any hiccups in the customer’s experience. Give your customers what they want, when they want at the convenience of their mobile device. 

Let them focus on what they came for- to enjoy themselves.





Closed-loop mobile platform that is used exclusively with your resort.

Give everyone easy access to what they want, right in their hands.

Alert visitors directly about news, events, or noteworthy updates.

    Gain higher traffic throughout your resort.
    With our merchant and engagement solutions, you can increase your traffic and increase your revenues.
  • Offer exciting deals to new and loyal customers with our beacon technology.
  • Notify customers of your restaurants and shops.
  • Incorporate a mobile directory for customers to find exactly what they are looking for.
    Increase customer retention.
    Manage a loyalty program that gives your consumers even more of a reason to come back.
  • Have constant interaction with your visitors via mobile device.
  • strengthen a relationship with your consumers.
  • Offer loyalty points and personalize their experience so they leave knowing you care.
    We do the heavy lifting.
    Customers can make payments and orders at the touch of their fingertips. Let us do the work so no one else has to.
  • Buy chips
  • Order food and drinks
  • Book room and dinner reservations
  • Make spa appointments
  • Buy tickets for entertainment
  • Transfer money in real time

Use our technology to your advantage

Our beacon technology can be incorporated into any business strategy. No matter what industry, our FinTech solutions can be utilized in all corners of your business. 

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