The security of our clients and customers is of top priority to us. 

Using the fingerprints, faces, and voices of your employees is the ultimate safekeeping to your information.

 Customize your security with information that cannot be stolen- yourself.

Smooth integration with any size business.



Setting up is fast and easy.

Customize your security program to your preferences.





Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

We combine traditional passwords and pins with biometrics to ensure top security.


A variety to Choose From

Fingerprint authentication, eye and facial feature scanning, and voice verification.

Advanced Anti-Spoofing

Our sophisticated algorithms make certain actual, legitimate biometrics are being used.


Cloud-Based ID Matching

We take care of storage, upgrades, and identity-proofing so you don’t have to.

Flexibility & Customization

Pick and choose what options you would like to start with and go on from there.


We Respect The Users

We keep your personal information unattached so your biometrics are kept anonymous and privacy is respected. 

Become a Partner with INCIRCL

Set you business up with top biometric security today.


Your security is important to us. 

Privacy is essential to the growth of your business. Our team can assist with the protection of important data and information. 

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