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The Cashless Community:
City Branded Wallet Initiative

    A city-branded wallet in the hands of citizens allows merchants to transact business under the trusted city seal. Consumers simply download the wallet app to their smart phones. The city, operating as the banking platform, captures payment processing revenues from participating merchants.

  • This closed-loop mobile payment solution allows the city to offer merchants lower processing fees in exchange for access to a highly targeted advertising network.

  • Merchants leverage the rich transactional data, beacon-powered proximity marketing, and customer loyalty capabilities of the city’s mobile payment system.

  • Citizens enjoy the convenience of a cashless community, using their city wallet for the mall, grocery store, airport, public parking and transportation, utility bills, peer-to-peer payments, and more.

Capture Instant Remittance
Our platform allows for payments in real-time with no limits on funds.


Engage Customers Anywhere
Rich analytics and ubiquitous engagement that drives incremental revenue and higher margins via beacon technology.

Eliminate Interchange Fees
Proprietary methodology provides bank-level pricing by reducing the total processing costs of merchant transactions to below traditional interchange rates.


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